Product Photography

A photo can say 1000 words. Our experienced and skilled photographers make beautiful ecommerce photographs keeping the entire process simple and beautiful.

Services Offered in Photography

  • Product Photography

    imedia creations has a beautiful studio. Our works are very professional where our experienced photographers they do photo shoot in a very professional way. Most of the product shoot we do for ecommerce house. We used very high resolution digital cameras with good quality of equipment for best quality output of a product. That’s why; we believe in quality, somehow for product shoots, location could be varied according to products.

  • E-commerce Photography

    We shoot beautiful photographs and keeping the entire process simple and enjoyable. Our photos build a communication between consumer and the product while buying product online. Our experience always works with a diversified clientele of retailers and wholesalers of ecommerce houses.

  • Jewellery Photography

    Especially good jewelry photography needs sharp, crisp focus and elegant effects. Our experienced photographers shoot jewelry products. Those photos were taken by using a Canon digital camera with a 100MM lens. We shoot products in a daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting arrangement.

  • Print catalog photograph and shoots

    A good product catalog gets more customers attention which provide maximum benefits to your business. When we make a catalogue photography is depending on the type of product like models, a strong themed concept, and good visualization. A concept catalogue photography shoot includes a thought out design that makes together a story and helps to sell your product; however it keeps your potential clients attention for a longer. We have highly professional photographers and image editors they do amazing work together and finally make beautiful and elegant product catalog for your business house.

Image Editing

We have expert photo and image editors and providing image editing services. We drive your quality of product pictures on its raw stages to excellent and high quality photos. Especially, we preferred bulk ecommerce image editing.

  • Product photo editing
  • Fashion photo editing
  • Apparel, Leather, Furniture photo editing
  • Jewellery, Glassware, Kitchenware and Steelware photo editing
  • Photo background removal
  • Photo cutout, retouching and Image enhancement
  • Image Cropping/Resizing
  • Colorization Services

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